piino portable synthesizer

Project Scope:

Problem Identification

Industrial Design

Brand Identity

User Experience

User Interface

Appearance Model

Project Name: Piino Portable Synthesizer

Timeline: 4 months


Project Description: 

Piino is a synthesizer that combines the convenience of portability and the natural feel of a full-size instrument to allow electronic musicians to quickly record inspiration when it comes to them, much like an artist's sketchbook.


sketchbook infographic-01.jpg

I started off wanting to just design something with which a user could emotional connect with, and it evolved into a project where I could create a tool to enable electronic musicians and help them capture elusive ideas. Above you will see some potential users that could utilize this tool and potential environment where this product could live. After this research, I concluded that I would focus on musicians that create original music. I interview a couple musicians to see what they thought, and below is an important quote that I pulled from an interview with local musician Mitchell Keaney:




In order to create a product that would fit into the users life, I had to set limits and parameters to work with. I then began to sketch and create a form that would satisfy all the needs of the user.

None of the forms pictured above were very compelling or made sense in the context, but when I came up with the idea of a folding synthesizer, it was obvious that it was a better direction. Pictured below is the interpretation of this idea.

Next I had to layout all of the components and elements in an organized manner, but also in a way that could be easily understood by even the most novice of users. I then took the final design and brought it into the computer through Solidworks, and finished some of the final details. I was then to a point where I could 3D print it and create a realistic appearance model.