Jack Marple is an industrial designer based in Seattle.

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moon tray

Organization represents stability and control. This becomes evident if you have ever walked into an environment where organization is not a priority. For this reason, I gravitated towards the themes of stability and control during the development of this organization tray, using geometric shapes and concrete material to showcase these ideas. The form created a dynamic play between light and shadow which resembles the moon, and thus took on the name of Moon Tray.

Moon Tray is a concrete dish used to collect and hold small items. Each tray is handmade by the designer. Due to the inconsistency in the concrete, each tray also varies in terms of color and texture. That results in each object being unique and having its own unique characteristics. The color and texture tell the story of the unique attention given in preparation of each tray.

Available for purchase in the shop.

Photos by Diane Chiang.

gradient flatware

Tactility is an important element in our everyday lives that we often take for granted. We make so many judgements about the objects we use, and tactility is one of the largest elements on which we base our judgements. Tactility is sometimes the difference between an object feeling cheap and unconsidered to sophisticated and intentional design.

But there may be a gap in how we are approaching the design of the tactility of flatware. We must consider the different needs of the two points of interaction of any utensil: the mouth and the hand. These two elements have different needs and require different attention. Gradient Flatware showcases the idea of having the appropriate tactility in the correct area of the utensils. The handle naturally deserves a coarse finish, encouraging a better grip while the head maintains a smooth surface texture to promote cleanliness and comfort in the mouth.

uncomfortable chairs

Uncomfortable chairs is an exploration in how furniture could hurt our feelings.

Designers constantly focus on making the user’s life better and more comfortable. In contrast, I began to think about what it would be like to have a product that was designed to make life more difficult. The idea developed into three chairs with distinct personalities; each with a strategy to make your life more frustrating.

“Dumped” is a chair that lets you relive the feeling of being dumped. You will think you have support, but before you know it you will be sitting on the ground, not knowing what has happened or how you can fix it. “Tipped” helps you remember that you can’t keep it together all the time. You may try your best to balance, but you will tip over the second you take your mind off the task at hand. And “Stabbed” brings to mind all the times you may have been stabbed in the back. The chair looks inviting - but when you plop yourself down, don’t be surprised with the pain you might feel.

contra tea light

The contra tea light holder is an object that expresses the need for opposites.

Contra is a prefix that can be used to make a word mean the opposite. During the development of this concept, I was drawn towards the idea of opposites and how necessary is it to have opposites in life. We would never be able to know what happiness was if we were to not feel sadness. The contrast in our experiences is part of what makes us human.

The Contra tea light holder utilizes rough and smooth materials that represent the experiences that shape us. The base is constructed from a 3D printed steel (rough) and acts as the foundation. The porcelain tea light holder (smooth) sits atop the steel piece and showcases the flame of the candle. This symbolism shows how the difficult situations we experience help build the foundation and light the flame for the good times that will indeed lie ahead.


The poolsense concept gives pool safety an unassuming face.

Safety and security are essential elements to living a healthy life. We all have the need to feel protected. With the development of the Internet of Things, we now have products to help us achieve that secure feeling. I had the opportunity to work with a startup called Halen and support the concept development of their product, Poolsense. 

The Poolsense system is made up of two units: one that stays in the pool to detect unplanned movement and another that stays in the home to act as an alarm, hub and interaction point. These units are constantly connected and ready to alert you of an emergency.


The Piino concept is a sketchbook for musicians.

The creative process is often difficult to articulate. Many times we don’t know where ideas come from or how we will capture them when they arrive. Visual artists and designers have tools, such as sketchbooks, to assist them in capturing thoughts in the early moments when the ideas are still fresh. The portability of a sketchbook enables creatives to capture ideas when they are not seated at their desks. Musicians usually utilize complex systems or large instruments to help express their ideas, which makes portability nearly impossible.  

Piino is an exploration of form and interaction to allow electronic musicians to capture their creative ideas anywhere. By creating a form factor that could easily be carried but is comfortable enough to use as an actual tool, musicians are free to capture their ideas when inspiration strikes.